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Reference websites  
Resource Kit from the Peace Corps  
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North and Central Romania  
CETA Open Day, 10 May 2008  
Conferinţa AsMeRo  
CETA Conference  
About CETA  
List of Members  
Our Events  
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Eastern Romania  
"Alexandru Vornicu" English Contest  
About MATE  
MATE 2013 Conference, Iasi, June 1-2  
MATE-EUROED Conference, 21-22 Sept. 2012  
REAL - European Language Teachers' Association  
English on Stage 2009 Awards  
MATE Conference, Iasi, May 23 2009  
Pictures from MATE Conferences  
List of MATE Members  
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Western Romania  
The 12th National RATE Conference in Timisoara, 28-30 October 2011  
The 42nd Annual International IATEFL Conference Report  
8th National RATE Conference in Timisoara  
TETA Summer School  
8th National RATE Conference Report 
About TETA  
The 46th Annual International IATEFL Conference and Exhibition report  
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My Career  
Semester Plans/Planificari semestriale  
RATE Issues - English Language Teachers' Journal  
Olimpiada de limba engleza  
E-Teacher Program from the US Dept. of State  
aPLaNet Newsletter  
Curricula for "titularizare", "definitivat" a.s.o.  
TOEFL Grants and Awards  
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RATE 2014 Conference, Iasi, 31 Oct - 2 Nov  
SEETA Events  
8th National RATE Conference Report  
RATE 2013 Conference in Cluj  
Shakespeare School Essay Competition  
Botosani Model United Nations, April 5-7, 2013  
RATE Conference 2012 in Bucharest  
"Vasile Alecsandri" Creative Writing Contest  
RATE 2011 Conference in Timisoara  
IATEFL Scholarships  
RATE 2010 Conference in Iasi  
10th National RATE Conference Cluj-Napoca, 23-25 October 2009  
Review of the RATE Conference in Iasi  
RATE-QUEST 2005 Conference Report  
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Trainers' Zone  
Training Opportunities  
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Southern Romania  
About BETA  
BETA Board  
How to Become a BETA Member  
BETA Members  
BETA Agenda  
9th RATE Conference in Bucharest, 31st October-2nd November 2008  
The International Drama Festival Shakespeare's Heritaje , 2008  
Publications of the BETA members  
Pictures from BETA Activities 5 octombrie 2006  
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Olimpiada de limba engleza
"Alexandru Vornicu" English Contest
RATE Issues - English Language Teachers' Journal
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